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History Repeats Itself

Salvage Vancouver

Reclaimed & salvaged furniture, wood market, installation, custom renovations & woodworking, DIY, slabs of douglas fir & cedar, table tops, dinner table, kitchen island, conference, bed, side table, home, office, barns, feature wall, sustainability, environmental friendly.


reclaiming history, one board at a time

We pride ourselves on finding gems of untold stories through the wood that our city was built with. Old growth fir and cedar is abundant in old homes, barns, and buildings all around the lower mainland just waiting to be saved. If you have a demolition project or structure needing removal, we will come and perform the tear down for a discounted rate in exchange for viable materials.

custom woodworking

Our custom furniture and feature walls carry a certain character you just can’t find in commercially grown timbre. We love the wild grain and deep saturation that reclaimed old growth woods exhibit. Sure, it takes a little more time to process but in the end its worth every effort. And we always give you the chance to pick and choose the exact woods for your project allowing you to be a part of the story.



Open Wood Market

We open our stock to the public once or twice a month at our open wood markets. Its a great way for anyone to find rare woods and custom pieces. All our wood is de-nailed ready for DIMENSIONs. Its a great way to meet our community and fellow woodworkers. We price everything by species and board foot.